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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

CT Forum Set - Laguna Art ♥

Hi everyone ♥♥

New forum set made with Laguna's sooooooooooo cute tube called 'Witch with a British Colorpoint Kitten'. 

I am notorious for going a complete different direction with a tube and well this definitely shows the various ways you can use this cutie!  You can use the witch separate, the kitten and go with the witch theme or something altogether different like I did! 

You can purchase this adorable tube by ©Laguna at PicsForDesign HERE

Also used a combination of scrap kits by Tiny Turtle Designs HERE.

Thanks for looking!!
xx, syl.

Monday, September 26, 2016

CT Forum Set - Kajenna Art ♥

Look at this new cutie tube by ©Kajenna! 
Soooo love it - So had to work with it asap!

It is a multi-layered tube, where you can remove the scarf, use a collar or go without.

You also have the choice of the scene or a pumpkin, which gives you many ways to use this tube!

You can purchase 'Fennec' at PicsForDesign HERE

Also used a combination of two scrap kits by Pink Paradox Productions.

Thank you for looking everyone!!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

CT Forum Set - Dees'Sign Depot ♥

Good morning everyone!

Just wanted to show a forum set that I made using Dee's gorgeous new kit called 'Which Witch'

LOVED playing with this kit, and soooo many tagging possibilities.
The kit is filled with really cute tube-like elements which can be used in place of a tube.
Lots of frames and full of fun!

You can purchase 'Which Witch' at Dees'Sign Depot HERE
Perfect for those Halloween tags which will be flying around before you know it!

(Get it ? Flying ? Witches ? I kill me! *slaps knee*) 

Adorable art of ©TooshToosh available HERE.

Thanks for looking, 
xx, syl.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

CT Forum Set - Laguna Art ♥

Hi everyone!!

Just wanted to show off a forum set I made using the ever awesome art by ©Laguna !!!

The set is using Laguna's adorable as heck tube called 'Spell writer' available at PicsForDesign HERE

The tube is multi-layered which lets you use the tube as just the kitty alone or with the added pieces.
I went the Steampunk route mixed with some Halloween - but you could go autumn or purely Halloween route also with it!

Scrap kit used called 'Steam Pumpkin by Rieneke Designs HERE.

Thanks for looking!! ♥
xx, syl.

CT Forum Set - Kajenna Art ♥

Hi everyone!

New forum set made using the absolutely adorable art of ©Kajenna called 'Fisherman2'.

I adore this tube, and sooo many different ways to use it, since it also comes with a car, a fish buddy in the car and some other pieces too.  

You can find this adorable Kajenna tube available at PicsForDesign HERE

Also, used a gorgeous kit by Rieneke Designs HERE.

Thanks for looking everyone! ♥

CT Tag - Purple Dreams Scraps ♥

Hi everyone!!!

New tag using the gorgeous kit by Aurélie of Purple Dreams Scraps called 'Autumn Days'.
You can find this beauty available for sale at PicsForDesigns HERE

Also using the beautiful art of ©Verymany HERE!

Thanks so much for looking!
xx, syl ♥

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Template 23 - Classy Bitch ♥

Hi everyone!

New template for you called 'Classy Bitch
The inspiration for this actually came from a conversation I had with my honey night before last.
And it struck me to write it down and use it for a template, so voila!

Hope you like it!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog ♥♥

xx, syl


Forum Set Templates 15 - Fabulous ♥

Hi everyone!!!

Here is a new set of forum templates called 'Fabulous' for you! 
Actually for the first time in awhile I felt like I was having fun making templates again.
(Lost my template mojo awhile back..) 

Soooo here is what I came up with, hope ya's like!
xx, syl.



I just wanted to show this awesome, awesome, awesome forum set that my friend Lin made using this template set!  She did amazing with it!!
(Thank you soooo much Lin!! ♥)

Friday, September 16, 2016

CT Forum Set - Dees'Sign Depot ♥

New forum set made with a beautiful kit by Dees'Sign Depot called 'Country Goodness'.

LOVE the colors in this kit, couldn't help myself working with it and seemed to go so well with this adorable Kajenna cutie!  As per usual, Dee's kits are jam packed with awesomeness and so many elements to choose from..

You can purchase this gorgeous kit HERE at Dees'Sign Depot ♥.

Also, the tube 'Sunflowers' by Kajenna can be purchased HERE...

Thank you so much for looking!

xx, syl

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Masks 1 & 2 - BCA & Halloween ♥

Hi everyone!

I've made my first masks ever - eeep!

Thought I would share them before I try my hand at making more LOL

One is for Breast Cancer Awareness, and one is for Halloween.

Click to make them full size and then right click and save, easy peasy!

Thanks for looking,
xx, syl.